Established in 2020, we have emerged as the undisputed leader in the Kenyan OOH Advertising industry. Our success stems from the ability to provide a national network of comprehensive and customized OOH solutions to advertisers, giving them the flexibility to target mass as well as niche segments.
We believe that your business is our business and that if you succeed, we succeed.
That philosophy is at the center of everything that we do. It is why we work as hard as we do to deliver the highest quality products and services on time and on budget. Target Space is dedicated to providing both static and mobile outdoor advertising solutions to our clients with budgets big or small.


There is a difference in the way we work that is almost impossible to describe unless you experience it yourself – but we’ll try anyway.


We take the time to learn about your company, your products, your competition and your ideas. We are small enough to provide each client with individual attention, and to crank out a ton of work. We are accessible – PERIOD!


We understand budget constraints. No complex contracts, no ambiguous policies – just GREAT WORK!


We are leaders who challenge the status quo. If it can be done better, we will do it better. If it can be built better, we will build it better. We innovate with


Target Space is a Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising solution provider that allows advertisers to enjoy extended engagement with audiences in ways other mediums simply cannot match. There are various types of outdoor advertising possibilities which guarantee your brand the exposure it deserves. We are constantly innovating our product range to give all campaigns the flair needed to achieve results.
When it comes to selecting platforms for your brand our expert planning team are able to offer insight and experience which will make your outdoor advertising experience more captivating than it already is.

Our Mission

To deliver the best marketing and advertising solutions with great results at a reasonable cost.

Our Vission

We think, we research, we create, we thrive to deliver best marketing and advertising solutions to their every problem.

Our Goal

To become a well renowned name in the field of marketing & advertising in Kenya, East & Central Africa.


Every business should operate based on a credo and core beliefs. These core beliefs are the foundation of everything we do - how we hold ourselves accountable to our teammates and our clients. We're constantly working to make sure our company culture embodies them, and we strive to live up to them every day.


We are leaders who challenge the status quo. If it can be done better, we will do it better. If it can be built better, we will build it better. We innovate with purpose.


We are transparent in what we do. Transparency in business is what builds trust, fosters teamwork, reduces stress, and contributes to a higher quality of life for everyone.


We are authentic and true to ourselves, our partners, and our customers.


We know that success is only achievable when ideas are turned into working products and services. We are committed to the disciplined realization of our ideas and are always working to exceed expectations.


We embrace and accept that change is an ever-present reality in life and business. We will always see change as an opportunity to improve and adapt.

Client Seat

We always “leave a seat at the table” for our client