Indoor Advertising at it's BEST!

Indoor advertising is a type of advertising where messages and announcements about merchandise, events or services are published within a closed area that you control. So, in everyday terms, advertising that you see in supermarkets, coffee shops, toilets, bus stations and sports clubs will all be examples of indoor advertising. They include: Shop windows, Leader boards, Lighthouse, Flyers, Floor graphics, e.t.c.

Show yourself from your best side: Indoor Advertising

Indoor advertising has the power to compel viewers and make a difference to business. It’s a way of communicating with visitors, whilst on your premises, to further upsell and increase their spend. With our advertising on the central walkways along, the hall foyers and the hall entrances, you can impressively present your brand at the most strategic locations of the trade fair – and thus attract even more visitors to your trade fair stand.

What is worth to know!

Our technologies enable us to offer a full range of advertising services from the first hands. We are creating non standard projects, consulting, selecting materials and offering solutions under customers’ needs.